Prayer from the Youth (Sarah L. Z. Sarmiento, Bachelor of Laws 2014)

Almighty and everlasting God, You made the universe with all its marvelous order, its atoms, worlds, and galaxies, and the infinite complexity of living creatures. Grant that, as we probe the mysteries of Your creation, we may come to know You more truly, and more surely fulfill our role in Your eternal purpose.

In everything we do, O Lord, give us a desire to seek out the truth. Give us a willingness to heed the advice of others. Give us wisdom in reaching decisions. Give us faith to believe in our conclusions. Give us courage to put our ideas to the test. And, if we prove ourselves wrong, give us the grace to admit it.

We pray for our leaders and senior citizens, for those who teach our children and youth, and all who guide us on our faith journey. May all that we do this day, from morning until night, begin with Your inspiration and continue with Your powerful help. May our work this day be rooted in love and mercy that we might love You and love our neighbors as perfectly as You love us. Amen.


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