Feb 2016
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The Biomedical Approach is an intervention that involves dietary modification and targeted nutritional supplementing with an aim to correct underlying abnormalities seen in the children. The approach which they adopted inspired many life-changing decisions in their lives. There was a change in their lifestyle especially in their diet. From conventional eating, they have gone back to the basics which are all organic and fresh. They became more conscious of food labeling, checking whether the food is conventional, organic or if it is from genetically modified organisms (GMO). They would go to the......

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RA 10611: Food Safety Act of 2013

Food safety, according to the FDA, refers to the assurance that food will not cause harm to the consumer when it is prepared or eaten according to its intended use. Its hazards to safety are biological, chemical, and physical in nature. Biological hazards are mainly caused by bacteria. Chemical hazards include insect or pest repellants and cleaning agents. Physical hazards are objects that can cut and choke like glass and stone which get into...

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Organic Meat

There are advantages of organic farming and the benefits derived from organically grown foods. He shifted into organic farming and shared some tips on how to raise organic meat and poultry using probiotics and other naturally growing organisms in the environment. He also raised the challenges they have to face and enumerated the support needed by organic farmers from the government.

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