Urban Gardening & Solid Waste Management

There were basically two (2) topics discussed in this session, ecological solid waste management (ESWM), a very popular and practical topic, and urban gardening (UG).

Speakers in the session explained how urban gardening is related to ESWM, food security and climate change mitigation. As an added value to the discussion, they also shared the psychological impact of solid waste management and urban gardening to people.
They highlighted the benefits gained from the practice of urban gardening and ESWM such as:

• Urban gardening (UG) produces healthy food while protecting the environment in an urban area.
• UG produces healthy soil while growing healthy crops.
• UG can contribute to carbon sequestration thus help fight global warming.
• UG promotes ecological solid waste management.
• Ecological solid waste management and urban gardening provide for a healthy environment.

They likewise encouraged the participants to learn lessons from nature; to respect life in all its forms; and to instill the values of nurturing, caring, giving and sharing. Health is wealth and wealth is health, therefore, let us heal the soil and heal our soul. Create heaven and earth through ESWM and urban gardening.

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