Organic Agriculture Program of Negros Occidental

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, organic agriculture is an effective strategy for mitigating climate change by building robust soils that are better adapted to extreme weather conditions associated with climate change.

The Organic Agriculture Program in Negros Occidental started with the Public- Private Initiative in Organic Agriculture which established the organic vegetable farm in the rear of Capitol Building in 2005 and the 15 pilot organic villages. The components of the program include: trainings and Information, education and campaign (IEC); production of organic products (agri and aqua); production of organic fertilizer; promotion and

marketing of organic products; research, development and extension; policy and advocacy; and support services & networking.

The Organic Agriculture Program has numerous accomplishments such as:

• Conversion of almost 15,000 hectares of land to organic agriculture.
• Established laboratory production centers for biological agents in five (5) of the six (6) targeted villages.
• Increased farmers’ average production and income by 25 to 30 percent through provision of inputs and hands-on trainings on different organic farming technologies
• Continuous assistance, collaboration and coordination with specific organized organic commodity groups of small farmers.
• Organized provincial, city, municipal technical committees on organic agriculture in 32 cities & municipalities
• Continuous hands-on trainings of field technicians & farmers on organic farming technologies and capacity building
• Annual celebration of “Negros Island Organic Farmers Festival” to link agri- fairs and fair-trade in the local and national level.
• Trained 1,500 farmers and people’s organizations (POs) and individuals on mushroom culture and production

Through the Organic Agriculture Program the province received numerous awards like the Outstanding Province on Organic Agriculture Program Implementation in 2013 and Regional Organic Agriculture Achievers Award in 2014.

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