Invest in our Planet

Invest in our Planet
In the past decade, the global divestment movement has been influential in hastening the just transition away from fossil fuels, the primary culprit of anthropogenic climate change. Faith-based organizations have been the largest contributing sector to trillions of financial assets being withdrawn from coal, oil, and gas interests, and invested in more sustainable ventures. It is an example of how to translate faith into action, turning religious doctrines and messages on ecological stewardship into concrete steps that help take care of our common home.
In the Philippines, the Roman Catholic Church has taken notable steps in encouraging fossil fuel divestment. Through collaboration with civil society groups, communities, and other stakeholders, this has resulted in several domestic financial institutions pronouncing their divestment from coal. However, faith-based divestment in the Philippines still faces several economic, political, and social challenges that hinders it from becoming more impactful in accelerating a just transition from fossil fuels.
In the era of the climate emergency, everyone has a role to play in taking care of our common home. For the faith-based groups and the fossil fuel divestment movement, they must identify how to inspire different sectors, including within their ranks, to withdraw their resources from financers of environmentally-destructive activities and invest in practices and systems aligned with a greener collective future.

This online event is organized by Green Convergence and Living Laudato Si’ Philippines with Kamayan Restaurant.


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