Coconut Oil the Tree of Life

Coconut Oil the Tree of Life

Understanding Plant Oil

What differentiates them is the
profile of their fatty acid composition e.g. carbon chain.

Plant oil is also referred to as Lipid

Current usage of Coconut Oil based products

  • Food Products
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Health Products
  • Value-Adding Processes
  • Coconut for Clean Air and Environment


Coconut has many more potential applications awaiting development.

This presentation focuses on the new category in the use of coconut oil that is not well known as yet – BIOPETROLEUM.

Biopetroleum products are substitute to petroleum products and specialties for transportation, and in industrial, agricultural, and environmental applications

What is Cocobiodiesel; Why is it Unique ?

Cocobiodiesel is Methyl Ester extracted from Coconut oil via a reaction process called esterification.

Also referred to as Coco Methyl Ester ( CME)


Unique Features of Cocobiodiesel

A powerhouse of natural additive features inherent in product.
– Oxygenated ( 14% Oxygen. Diesel has zero)
– Medium Saturated Carbon (91% Paraffinic. Non-polar, easily volatilizes)
– High Solvency Feature ( KB Value of 75 vs 31 of Diesel)
– High Lubricity Feature ( 216 micron vs >500 micron for Low Sulfur Diesel)
– High Cetane Value: ( 70 cetane vs 48 in diesel PNS

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