Renewable Energy

Feb 2016
Wind Energy

Renewable Energy (RE) has a net benefit to electricity consumers. As of the end of 2015, there are already 393 megawatt wind farms and 144 megawatt solar power plants operating in the country. Based on the Energy Regulatory Commission’s approved Feed- in Tariff (FIT), rates for solar (P9.68/kWh) and wind (P8.53/kWh) have already gone down by 10% and 13% respectively. The few run-of-river hydro projects have come in due to permitting problems. Similarly biomass is beset with feedstock risks. The RE projects, usually located in the countryside, will bring financial benefits to......

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Carbon Neutral Industries thru Biomass

Biomass as legally defined in Republic Act 9513 is a non-biodegradable organic material originating from naturally occurring or cultured plants, animals and microorganisms. Biomass is a cleaner source of energy compared to coal. It emits less pollution and Green House Gases (GHGs) thus helps mitigate climate change. There are drivers and challenges in developing biomass power plants in the country. It has a higher pre-development and overall cost per megawatt. It takes longer to...

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