Nature’s Twin Scourges: Plastic and Climate Change

Nature's Twin Scourges: Plastic and Climate Change

Since the invention of plastic over a hundred years ago, the synthetic material has made its way into every aspect of our life; in food, medicine, clothes, and more, plastic has made our daily tasks more convenient.

Unfortunately, the ease that comes with using plastic has a dark side, and it’s been plaguing our environment slowly but surely. Only less than 10% of all plastics are recycled while the remaining billions of tons of plastic wind up harming wildlife, marine life, and eventually, us humans.

Join us in this month’s Kamayan Forum on July 16, 2021 from 2:30-5:30PM as we explore the impact of plastics on climate change and find solutions to the immense plastic problem.

This online event is organized by Green Convergence with Kamayan Restaurant.

Watch our Livestream on the link below:


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