The Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022

The Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022

Country’s plan to address malnutrition: Philippine Food and Nutrition Policies and Governance

What are the malnutrition problems being addressed in PPAN?


Other forms of Malnutrition:

◆Vitamin A deficiency

◆Iron deficiency anemia

◆Iodine deficiency disorders

◆Hunger and food insecurity


Guiding Principles: 

◆Attainment of nutritional well-being is a main responsibility of families but government and other stakeholders have the duty to assist those who are unable to enjoy the right to good nutrition

◆Participation of various stakeholders, including members of the community, in policy and plan formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation

◆Efficiency and effectiveness in resource allocation and implementation of programs and projects

◆Gender sensitivity


Adherence to the principles of engagement of the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement as follows: 

◆ Transparency about intentions and impact


◆Being rights based

◆Willingness to negotiate

◆Predictability and mutual accountability


◆Continuous communication

◆Acting with integrity and in an ethical manner

◆Mutual respectfulness

◆Doing no harm

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