Visayan Warty Pig Wild Swine with a WILD Look

Visayan Warty Pig Wild Swine with a WILD Look

Why exhibit Visayan warty pigs?

  •  Help save this species now! The express purpose of this captive breeding program is to act as a genetic insurance policy: hybridization with feral pigs is a major threat to wild populations.
  • Present a spokes-species for island endemism, and tell the stories of habitat loss, human impacts on islands, and the bush meat trade. The Visayan warty pig is listed as #104 on the list of the most evolutionary distinct, globally endangered (EDGE) mammals.
  • Create an instant hit with your visitors! This species needs no help endearing itself, from the striped piglets to the “punk rocker” males with a mohawk mane of hair.
  • Challenge the public perception that pigs are heavy and awkward by providing this species with climbing opportunities — and create an exciting exhibit at the same time.

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