State of Nature Assessment

Vision: Annual State of Nature Assessment by Civil Society Organizations using the lens of Sustainable Development


  1. To provide an avenue for non-government organizations (NGOs), with assistance from experts in and out of government, to assess the performance of government using the lens of sustainable development.
  2. To open opportunities for dialogue among stakeholders.
  3. To increase public awareness and understanding on the interconnectedness of environmental issues and advocate for action through a resolution agreed upon by the body at the end of the event.
  4. To develop a critical mass of citizens across the country to adopt sustainable lifestyle and advocate for others to do so.
  5. To bring resolutions/recommendations to relevant government agencies.
State of the Nature Assessment 2017-theme:”OUR LAND, OUR LIFE” AUGUST 22, 2017, LITTLE THEATRE – MIRIAM COLLEGE, QUEZON CITY

SONA 2017 discussed the land situation of the Philippines, highlighted by the state of organic agriculture, what is happening to Palawan forest in view of the palm oil plantations, the situation in Sierra Madre, and the issues in our Exclusive Economic Zone. 

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State of the Nature Assessment 2016-theme:”PHILIPPINE CONTRIBUTIONS TO CLIMATE CHANGE:carbon sources and sink”


  • To discuss the state of carbon sinks and sources of climate change and gather   recommendations to address related issues;
  • To listen to the reactions of newly-appointed officials and facilitate a productive dialogue among the various stakeholders; and
  • To continue developing a critical mass of citizens across the country working to decrease carbon sources and increase carbon sinks, and influence decision
    makers toward policies that promote socio-economic development balanced by environmental protection.
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