Philippine Cockatoo (Cacatua Haematuropygia)

Philippine Cockatoo (Cacatua Haematuropygia)

Cacato├Ęs des Philippines. Previously widespread in the Philippine islands, this cockatoo now numbers perhaps less than 1,000 and is reduced to only a few places. Its stronghold being the island of Palawan where the LPF supports the conservation programme run by the Katala Foundation. The supporter partnership includes Chester Zoo, CEPA and ZGAP.

This beautiful, white cockatoo is found only in the Philippines. Covered in white plumage, but with bright red and yellow undertail, this stunning bird is highly sought after in the pet trade. Its unusual ability to mimic the human voice makes this species even more desirable. Poaching, selling and buying of cockatoos have been one of the primary causes for the decline in numbers.

Mangroves and primary forests are vital habitat for feeding and breeding. These forests are being cleared for cultivation, urban development or mining. With numbers estimated at between 370 to 770 adults, the Philippine Cockatoo is classified as critically endangered.

The Katala Foundation has been working hard to conserve the species, however they need more support and engagement from local people to prevent the extinction of this unique bird.

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