Our Principles of Unity

To achieve our vision we pledge adherence to the following Principles of Unity:

1. That, to ensure food safety, security and sovereignty, the country’s food production be based on organic farming, shift away from conventional chemical agriculture and reject genetically engineered crops; that agriculture prioritize food security for Filipinos above the global market;

2. That use of land and waterways be assigned along ecological principles, that soil be protected from degradation and exportation, that our marine environment be safeguarded to ensure sustainability of our aquatic resources, that our cities be made more livable by the elimination of air pollution;

3. That we strive for 50% forest cover that maintains our watersheds, while yielding products which contribute to the national economy; that we return to the use of Philippine native trees in order to revive the biodiversity that they nurture;

4. That the energy needs of the country be obtained from renewable sources, phasing out extreme dependence on fossil fuels and totally rejecting nuclear power;

5. That waste be managed ecologically to maximally turn waste into resources, that dumpsites & giant landfills be closed and the ban on incinerators be upheld;

6. That use, importation and manufacture of toxic substances be banned in household, industrial and agricultural products;

7. That mining be accorded least priority among the options for land use and revenue generation, with a minerals management regime that prioritizes local community development and ensures appropriate income for the government, equitable distribution of benefits and shared responsibility among all stakeholders;

8. That indigenous peoples be given due recognition of their stewardship of nature, appreciation of their knowledge in caring for the earth, and accorded their right to preserve their ancestral domains, languages and cultures which actually are the roots of the Filipino race;

9. That economic progress not sacrifice environmental quality, that the national industrialization program be directed at stimulating local enterprises and generating of jobs for Filipinos;

10. That we recognize the reality of climate change endangering biodiversity and the gains of cultural evolution, that its root causes be addressed with resolve on the global, national and local levels, that our country’s developmental goals include not only adaptation for survival but also mitigation as we are a member of the family of nations and among the most vulnerable to this crisis.

Whenever science is unable to fully explain or predict the impact of human activities on the environment, we follow the precautionary principle with bias for the environment in order to prevent unintended long-term damage.