Native Trees Book Project

The book on PHILIPPINE NATIVE TREES 101: UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL . It is a book published by the Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy in 2012
  •  It showcases 111 Philippine native trees from AGOHO to YAKAL
  • Written by 104 known and not-too-known botanical aficionados who shared their experiences about their favorite tree
  • Fabulous photos from our chief photographer, from the photo archives of the late Leonard Co and others
  • Botanical and technical information provided and validated by big names in the botanical and forestry worlds
  • A labor of love for our native trees by non-botanists for non-botanists

It is a non-technical informative book written as a tribute to our Philippine Native Trees and to encourage their use.  Native trees are a manifestation of the beauty and bounty of our natural heritage.  The Philippines boasts of about 3,600 identified native trees of  these, 67 % are endemic, and found only in our archipelago.  The book is just the beginning and will be an eye opener to educate our fellow Filipinos, especially the young generation of the unique and wonderful national treasure we have and the need to cherish them.  Our native trees could be used for urban greening, and are natural food and habitat for wildlife (birds, bats, mammals, reptiles and insects).  The book was written to help and guide gardeners, landscapers and pertinent government offices in their choice of native trees to use in the urban area.  It is a work of love by the project team who has dedicated their profession on the study of native trees, and the love of plants in general.





The second book has just come out IN 2015, aptly titled Philippine Native Trees 202: Up Close and Personal, with 123 trees profiled in essays written by a diverse group of mainly “non-botanists writing for non-botanists,” some of them being veteran writers and teachers, but everyone definitely an environmentalist by heart.

With full-page color photographs of native trees, or close-ups of their component parts, flowers and fruits, this 370-plus-page compendium is another stunning achievement by the Green Convergence for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy, and the Hortica Filipina Foundation, with funding for research and publication provided by the Lopez Group Foundation Inc., part of the Lopez Group of Companies.


Please support … and yes, plant only our God-given trees!