Bamboo Production or Propagation of Bamboo

The continued destruction of our forests has brought about the increasing demand for bamboo in the local and international market. The world bamboo market is currently worth 10 billion dollars per year. Bamboo is not only a high-yield renewable resource, it sequesters 400 percent more carbon dioxide and generates 35 percent more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees. It serves as an erosion control agent and has a high water storage capacity. Bamboo is used for making beer; a source of raw material for making bags, bamboo water, pulp for paper, and bamboo fiber. It is a source of lumber or construction materials, medicine, food and biofuel.

Bamboo is also being promoted for ecotourism and the arts. Unfortunately, the bamboo industry is underdeveloped. The government has issued several policies and interventions to boost the production of bamboo and strengthen the bamboo industry in the country.

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