About Us


GREEN CONVERGENCE for Safe Food, Healthy Environment and Sustainable Economy is a coalition of networks, organizations and individuals working for a development paradigm that addresses the need for social and economic upliftment, while preserving life-supporting water, air and land for generations to come.

It began with environmentalists drawn together by related interests and advocacies, forming an alliance to hold a yearly State of Nature Assessment (Green SONA) begun in 2007. The group decided to formally incorporate and register its coalition with Securities and Exchange Commission in 2011.


A synergy of multi-sectoral organizations, communities, and individuals who constantly work for safe food, healthy environment and equitable economy as the cornerstones of sustainable development.


As a synergy of the green movement in the Philippines, Green Convergence will build a critical mass of citizens that understand the interconnectedness of the issues of food, environment, and economy to achieve sustainable development and work toward this end.